Desperate Duchesses - Eloisa James

I think I'm finding Eloisa James's books to be very witty but not very warm.  And I mean that in an emotional way.  There seems to be several plot lines going, and there's some sort of scheme and while the writing is enjoyable, it flows well and there's plenty of wit I find I don't really care that much if the characters end up together.  In this one, I did like the, he's a likable, charming sort.  The heroine, however, I started out liking her but ended up feeling pretty cool towards her.  I'm not sure of her age but she started seeming pretty level headed and ended up seeming like a melodramatic teenager who's the one who understands lurve.  And it's a guy she's seen once, doesn't really know and is kind of an arse.  But she goes on and on about how much she loves him, and how other people don't understand love.  Sheesh if I wanted that I'd talk to a teenager.  Anyway, there's a bunch of other people, some of whom I'm interested in seeing what happens to, and there's some plot that I think will be wrapped up in later books.  I'll probably continue to see what happens but I'm not racing off to get the next one.