Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

To quote Randy from American Idol - this one was just OK for me.  There was a bit too much of a Twilight vibe going on.  And Daemon was a bit too much controlling, alpha jerk for me as well.  I think as that character type has gotten more and more popular I'm losing my patience completely with it. 


I mostly did like Katy and that she often stood up to him and his crap.  But even in her head there was too much "What a jerk! He's so hot! What a jerk! But maybe there are hidden depths!" for me.  And just once I'd love for the controlling hero to tell the heroine not to do something, have her do it and it turns out OK.  I guess that wouldn't be such a dramatic scene and it wouldn't give him the chance to rush in and rescue her but, you know, men don't always know best.


Anyway, that's basically my issue with this book.  I'm giving it the 3 stars because I did really like the friendships.  Despite all the GIF filled squeeing "he's so hot" reviews the romance was my least favorite part.  But I could have read about Katy, Dee, Lesa and Carissa hanging out, shopping and talking all day.  There's enough here that I'd give book 2 a shot but it's not jumping to the top of Mt. TBR.