Squeeze Play - Kate Angell This was a cute, contemporary sports romance. Actually it was like 3 romances in one. Jacy & Risk are ostensibly the main couple, but their story didn't really grab me. I liked them both and sometimes they were fun together but they were a little frustrating too as they really only needed to have one conversation to move on with their relationship. Aaron and Natalie are the third couple, you don't really get much depth from them and their relationship quite frankly, strikes me as a little unhealthy. But I guess if it works for them, whatever. I really liked Zen & Stevie's story. Stevie is Jacy's best friend and she's a bit humiliated and feeling insecure when the story starts. For a pro ballplayer Zen is almost kind of beta and I loved their story and only wish more of the focus had been on them.

There are a lot of funny scenes. I particularly enjoyed star athlete Risk coaching the Bluebells, a t-ball team made up of six year old girls. Some of the stuff at the coffee shop fell flat for me and I could have done without Aaron and Natalie. But overall I found this a fun, quick read and will pick up another in the series when the mood strikes me.