Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones I liked this one but it definitely had its ups and downs for me. The mystery plot meandered a bit and I thought that a lot was made of Charley's PTSD symptoms only to have them pretty much disappear whenever it was convenient. Charley was also a bit more of a damsel in distress in this one. I don't remember her having to call other people to save her as often as in this one. I understand it with the demons but she even needed rescuing from the human "bad guys".

I'm still not sure about Reyes or their relationship. It seems to be based mostly on the fact that he's hot. I have no issue with hot guys but I would think that after 4 books there would be a bit more to it.

Still there was a lot that I did like. For me, the humor has worked better in the last couple of books than in the first ones. Some of the plot lines are actually pretty dark and I found the humor intrusive at times early now. Now I feel like the humor is more natural, and more a break from some of the darkness instead of "hey look at me! I'm so funny!" I also liked that Reyes did cough up a lot of answers about Charley's origins and some of her powers. That part was really interesting and opens up a lot of avenues for the series. And I have to admit that I didn't figure out the mystery part until the end. So that's always good. Overall, it was a very enjoyable entry in a series that I've come to like very much.