Blood Bound (Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent

I liked a lot about this book but there were a few things that bugged me enough to lessen my enjoyment.  First, the good stuff - I thought the world was pretty interesting.  Not as dark as say Downside Ghosts, but still we're in a city run by a couple of rival crime lords.  I liked that there weren't any paranormal creatures here but instead certain people had Skills.  There were trackers, binders, seers, readers and more that were hinted at.  Because the Skills were recognized by the government it's created the black market run by these crime lords.  I found it all pretty cool.


For the most part I also liked Cam and Liv.  Cam was pretty great and there were a lot of things I liked about Liv but she could also be terribly hypocritical about some choices that Cam made, choices that weren't that much different from what she made.  But she made excuses for herself and didn't really cut him a break.  Once they hashed it out, I felt much better about them.  Although the romance was a big part of the book it didn't feel completely front and center, there was a lot more about the investigation and the revelations of the past.


The alternating first person POV also took some getting used to.  Although the author gave plenty of clues when the POV shifted, sometimes if I put the book down for a while I would forget whose POV we were in and had to backtrack a bit to figure it out.  I also had a issue with the characterization of the crime lord Casalvo.  I just don't buy that a guy who abuses the women in his life would draw the line and be a good father.  Maybe it happens, but I don't believe it.


Those things aside, I was wrapped up in the world and the story overall.  The world was interesting and there's a story left for these characters that were introduced in this one.  I'll be checking out the next one for sure.