Codex Born - Jim C. Hines

I'm really enjoying this series; it's just so much fun.  The magic and rules of libriomancy are the stuff of a book geek's dream.  The ability to pull things out of books and use them, there are plenty of swords, ray guns and other weapons but some of it is a lot more subtle.  Jeneta's ability with poetry is subtle and beautiful but I'm not quite sure I understand it (much like poetry itself so I think the problem is me).  Smudge continues to be an awesome sidekick and he certainly gets his moment in the sun as well. 

There's also a deeper side, Hines his well known on the web for calling out the ridiculous poses that women are put in on UF/F covers and here he takes it a step deeper.  I wasn't sure about Lena in the first book, the dryad who becomes what her lover wants seems a bit of wish fulfillment but here Lena's own words are given to the reader, to go beyond the fantasy and see her own wishes and desires.  The object of desire ceases to be an object and becomes a human being, while losing none of her desirability. 


The ending is bittersweet with enough plot leftover to make me look forward to the next one.