One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean

I enjoyed this return to the Fallen Angel and Pippa & Cross's story.  Pippa is a bit like Callie from Nine Rules in that she's systematically looking for information that sheltered young ladies didn't have in the 19th century.  As we know from book 1, Pippa is engaged to a man who, while exceedingly nice, is much more dull witted that she is.  I have to admit, I felt for Castleton more than I think I was intended to.  At one point, I was more worried about him than about Pippa or Cross.  He's a very kind man, if not a scintillating conversationalist and sometimes I think kindness doesn't get the respect it deserves.  But it's a romance so I'm not spoiling anything to say it turns out OK for everyone.


While Pippa approaches Cross looking for information, she is nervous and curious about the intimate side of married life, Cross actually makes the longer emotional journey throughout the book.  I'm not a big fan of the "I'm not worthy" trope of keeping the lovers apart.  But in this case Cross really does have some skeletons that make him feel not worthy, so it's fitting that Pippa decides they should be together first.  


I've enjoyed pretty much everything I've read by Sarah MacLean.  Although I think Nine Rules is still my favorite, the others have all been entertaining reads.  I'm looking forward to visiting The Fallen Angel again and getting Temple's story (although the mysterious Chase is still the one I'm really anticipating).