Alpha Instinct - Katie Reus

There are some 3* reads that for me are 3* because they are fine books.  Nothing that I love, but nothing that I really didn't like either.  This isn't one of those books.  This is a 3* read where it averages out to 3.  There are thinks I really liked and things that didn't work so well for me.


I enjoyed the world building in this one.  The Shifters have been out and known in the wider world for about 20 years and although things were OK at first there is now backlash against them starting.  I liked how the shifters interacted with the town and townspeople, some of whom were tolerant and friendly, some standoffish and some joining hate groups.  There are a number of story lines going on but I never felt shortchanged and the focus is definitely on the main couple. 


As for that couple, I had some issues but they totally relate to what I like in a book.  Ana and Connor were likable and sympathetic but my real issue in the book is the gender dynamics and they are also troublesome for me in their relationship.  I know that some people love a possessive, alpha guy and if you do I think it would work better.  I like an alpha and all but I like them more protective and not possessive and controlling so it didn't work that well for me here.  It was stated over and over that the males are possessive and controlling with their mates but they'd never hurt them.  I just had a hard time buying that with how possessive they were.  I think my brain can't shut off the typical reality of that type of relationship and enjoy the fantasy. 


Still I'm intrigued enough by the world that I'll read the next one.  But I already know that I'll have to be in the mood to tolerate a stalkerish lead.