Cam & Gina & Sebastian & Esme

Duchess in Love - Eloisa James

Remember those 70s movies like Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice about those sophisticated 70s type people all coupling up and then re-coupling.  This book reminded me of them.    There are 3 different couples here, I actually thought some of them were being set up for sequels but at least 2 of them have a pretty settled ending so I don't think that's the case.  There's some fun banter but, much like those 70s movies, there isn't always as much heart.  While I didn't particularly dislike any of the characters, I wasn't particularly itching for them to end up together either.  There were also a lot of crazy schemes to get people together when a simple conversation would have been a better choice. 


I think this was Eloisa James' first novel and there is still a lot to like.  The dialogue is fun and friendship between the women was well done.  Although I'm a bit troubled by the fact that the one woman who was truly "loose" is the one who ends up alone.  Nope, never seen that message before.  I haven't checked out who is featured in any of the upcoming stories so she may end up with her HEA after all.  I have no issue thinking that a woman who wanted to remain single is happy being single, but it seems like she was forced into it not that she wanted it.


Mostly enjoyable, if not a favorite.  It was my first Eloisa James and I will read more.