Visions of Magic - Regan Hastings I thought that the world building in this book was excellent, it was the best part of the book and I really liked the beginning. I also liked the political intrigue throughout the book.

But I did think that the middle dragged and I was forcing myself to get through it. I didn't dislike Shea or Torin but I didn't really connect with them either. At one point I was more interested in the side story of the sanctuaries than with the main couple. All that said, it did pick up at the end and the climax pulled me back in.

Overall I gave it 3 stars. I'll probably pick up book 2 because I find the overall world and story lines interesting. With a more interesting main couple I would have liked this one a lot more. It also seems that a lot of book 1 hero & heroines turn out to not be my favorites so I almost always give book 2 a try.