Wolf at the Door - Christine Warren There was a lot I did like about this book. There was the author's voice, which was fun. I liked the world with all the different supernatural races, the snarky dialogue and the characters. None of it is new to PNR but it's presented in a fun way.

So why the low rating? First, there were a lot of typos in my ebook. It looked like a bad scan to me rather than bad writing but if the publisher isn't willing to spend the time on some basic proofreading then that's not my problem. I was willing to let that go but then I got to the end and without a spoiler I'll just say one character does a complete 180 on their world view and there's no explanation for it. In fact, I went back and re-read parts of the book to see if I missed or forgot a certain conversation. I didn't find it. This wasn't a minor point, it was critical to the plot and this character was vocal on a number of occasions about which side of the debate she was on. So when others are talking like she's on the opposite side, it really threw me out of the story. Since it was pretty close to the end it really stuck out for me.

Despite the 2* rating I'll definitely read other books in this series. My issue could very well be with just this one book. There's enough here I liked that I do want to check out more.