One Night, So Pregnant! - Heidi Rice I wasn't sure about this one at first and I liked the second half a lot more than the first. I wasn't crazy about Tess in the beginning. I wasn't sure what she expected from Nate. I think showing up weeks after a one night stand, saying your pregnant and it's his and expecting the guy to not be suspicious or disbelieving is a bit much. I think she was unfair to him after he wrapped his head around it and decided he wanted to be involved as well. One thing I really liked about the second half and the end was that both characters admitted their mistakes but also admitted they would "try" to avoid them again. Falling in love doesn't turn you into some sort of saint and I liked that Tess admitted she overreacts and Nate that he runs away when things get too emotional. I liked that they both said they'd try not to act in those ways but probably still would sometimes. It was a more realistic ending for me than other romances where suddenly everyone's personality flaws are cured by wuv. I'll be on the lookout for Zane's story and want to go back and read the previous books in this series as well.