Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh Sometimes books work for me as romances but not really as stories; and sometimes I'm very invested in the plot and in the world but I find the romance lacking. In most of the Psy-Changeling books they've flat out worked as both stories and romances. While this one wasn't my favorite of the series, it was still a great read. For the romance alone I'd probably rate this a little lower. Riaz & Adria are fine, really. And I love what Singh has done with the mating bond here. I find a lot of authors use it as short hand to avoid building a relationship and Singh really shows it as a choice. But Riaz & Adria have the misfortune of being in a series that already has some of my favorite couples so they have big shoes to fill.

So I'm rounding up for many reasons. Firstly, unlike many romances series this truly is a series. While you could probably follow the action picking up this one first, you would miss so much of the history of this world and these characters. And as an entry in the series, a lot happens here. Now it's a lot of set up and tying up loose ends, especially considering the super-nova of book before. But it's a lot of stuff that makes me, as a fan of the series, very happy (I so want an I ♥ Judd T-shirt!). And it also makes me greatly anticipate the next one.

We also get to visit with some of the previous couples, mostly with Hawke & Sienna. I enjoyed seeing them as a stable couple and if there were any doubts about the age difference they are certainly gone. We get briefer check ins with others from the series and it does pull the focus from the main romance a bit, but for me it was all worth it.

But the main reason for the 5? The jaw dropping ending of the last three pages.