Grave Dance - Kalayna Price I'm really liking this UF series set in a world that when the fae revealed themselves 50 years ago new pockets of reality opened up. Populated with humans, witches & fae Nekros City is one of those areas that sprang into existence at that time. The world here is pretty rich, there are neighborhoods & stores that cater to the magically inclined and a variety of law enforcement units to oversee it all.

Alex herself is a likeable narrator. I really like that although she is a powerful grave witch (plus some other powers) she pays a heavy price for using her magic. After using her grave sight, she is basically blind for some time afterwards. Too often in UF characters though magic and power around with no real downside.

Although the main storyline is resolved, like in the first book, there are still some dangling threads to get you back for more. Alex is definitely evolving and there are plenty of mysteries still to explore in this world. One thing I'm not in love with is the (seemingly in UF) obligatory love triangle. Here's to hoping it's resolved quickly. I'm looking forward to finding out.