Alien Tango - Gini Koch This was another fun entry in the series but I felt like it could have benefited from being a bit shorter. I don't know what I'd cut in particular but there were times when I felt like it was dragging. I love the banter between the main characters and it was really fun when Martini's dad gets in on it as well. Those parts of the books are great fun. I've decided that I have to think of Kitty as kind of an old school, female James Bond - one who solves every problem, figures out all the connections, and is irrisistable to the opposite sex - then I can go along for the ride. If I try to take it too seriously then a lot of stuff that may annoy me comes to the surface. But even though I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first there was still enough fun and wit to make me want to pick up the third.