A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean Goodness, I was really torn how to rate this one. I erred on the side of a higher rating because I decided that there was more that I liked than didn't. I enjoyed the plot, liked the secondary characters, there was some wonderfully witty dialogue and I absolutely adored Penny. I think that Sarah MacLean writes some really excellent heroines. But the big, glaring issue that I had was with Michael. He was just an ass through most of the book. In fact, I thought he had gotten over his assiness at about the 75% mark, only to act like a total ass again. Don't get me wrong, their final scenes and his letter to her at the end are lovely but I felt like it was too little too late for me. But overall I do enjoy Sarah MacLean's books and the teaser at the end for Pippa & Cross is excellent. I'm really looking forward to their story.