Sweet Revenge - Zoe Archer I went back and forth between 4 & 5 stars on this one but then I figured what the hell, it was a lot of fun. I've only seen the TV show Leverage a few times but I'm familiar with the premise. A group of people with special skills help ordinary people take down the rich & powerful people who have harmed them. And that's the premise here, only set in Victorian London. I love a good caper story & a good Robin Hood type story as well so this was right up my alley.

Eva is an awesome heroine. She's pragmatic and well trained by Nemesis Unlimited. She's brave but not in a running ridiculously unprepared into danger sort of way. She calculates her risks and relies on her training. The only thing she isn't ready for is Jack. He's seemingly just a big brute of a man who is obsessed with getting revenge on the nobleman who killed his sister. He's always made his way with his fists but in working with Nemesis he reveals a sly intelligence, an ability to spot patterns and work out solutions to problems. Eva comes to believe in his brains long before Jack himself does.

Although they don't come together until later in the book the attraction and tension between Eva & Jack is evident right from the beginning. They are both forthright people and comfortable with their own needs and so they are frank in their appreciation of and attraction to each other. This leads to some great banter and .flirtation.

The secondary characters are also interesting and I'm looking forward to the next in the series already.