Against the Wind - Kat Martin Sometimes I think "meh" reviews are actually the hardest to write. A book I love, I can go on and on. A book I hated, sometimes that's even easier. But a book that was just "fine" is hard to discuss.

Anyway, nothing really wrong with this book. I liked both Jackson and Sarah. Sarah was certainly a sympathetic character but in some ways it was almost too much. Too many mustache twirling villains coming after her. And Jackson maybe falls a bit on the too perfect side, but as I've said before, I actually don't mind that so much in a romance hero. But overall I just wasn't overly engaged in their story. It didn't grab me and make me root for them to be together the way my favorite romances do. So, without sounding like I'm damning with faint praise, it was fine. I enjoyed it while I was reading it and it was a quick read. I'll probably read the brothers books at some point. But it never really pulled itself beyond that for me.