Trapped - Kevin Hearne Decent entertainment with some fun dialogue and humor (especially from Oberon as usual). Oddly enough I was actually happy to see Atticus get hurt. Given that all the gods are pretty much afraid of him now (and he seems to knock them off pretty easily) it was refreshing to actually see him taken down in a fight.

A couple of things annoy me though and keep me from rating this higher. Firstly, Atticus is supposed to be 2000 years old but he seems to have the emotional maturity of the bacon scarfing hipster doofus intern at my company. I like the fact that he's decided to live fully in the world and keep up with things but his lack of planning and understanding consequences is pretty lame for someone so old. I mean, I'm better at seeing where certain actions may lead in my 40s than I was in my 20s. I can't imagine another 1950 years. Also, I know a lot of people ship them, but I'm squicked out by his relationship with Granuaile. I understand that she's an adult but they've still had a mentor type relationship if not a student/teacher one. I probably could have handled it if they had been apart for a number of years and then reconnected but as it was it was like sleeping with your professor the day you graduate. Maybe it's technically legal but to me it's kind of icky.

So those are my issues. I still enjoy these books but some of that it what's keeping the series from becoming an absolute favorite.