Scandal in Scotland - Karen Hawkins This one was a lot of fun. More of a romp than anything super angsty but that's always OK with me. William and Mercail reunite (unwillingly at first) to recover the amulet the series is named for. I wasn't sure I would like Mercail at first. The first few chapters are William's POV and she doesn't come off so well. But once I was introduced to her story and her reasons I started to like them both. I also really enjoyed the fact that their past issues weren't drawn out over the course of the book and inflamed with big misunderstandings. They were each wary of the other but as they realized that they had grown they talked about their past and what had happened between them. Granted William had to work a bit to get it out of Mercail but once she realized what she had given up, she came around. My only complaint is that I had a "kindle surprise" where the book ends at 90% and the rest is excerpts. So it seemed a bit abrupt to me, but it may not have if I had read the paperback and could see realistically where it ended. Looking forward to more in this series and going back to the MacLean curse as well.