Venom - Jennifer Estep I continue to enjoy this series despite the writing tics that drive me a little batty. I've mentioned it in previous reviews so I won't get into it again but there's a lot of repetition and it's still here in this book. However, I still like Gin, Finn, Sophia & JoJo. And the plot is really moving along. Although there's a story that wraps up in each book, the overarching plot about the murder of Gin's family is something that you'd need to read the books in order to appreciate. A lot happens in this one to move that plot forward, and it looks like Gin's heading towards a well deserved romance.

Overall the elemental magic system is cool, the plot & characters continue to pull me in and I'm thinking they'll be a lot of fallout from the events of this book in the next one. The amount of repetition still pulls me out of the book sometimes but not enough to seriously decrease my enjoyment.